Control on angles of attack and slip of the first stages of the launcher

1Aizenberg, Ya.E, 1Zlatkin, Yu.M, 2Kalnoguz, AN, 2Bataev, VA, 2Kuzmin, AI
1Public Joint Stock Company «HARTRON», Kharkiv, Ukraine
2LTD RPI (Research and Production Enterprise) HARTRON-ARKOS, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2002, 8 ;(1):061-080
Publication Language: Russian
Maintenance of motion stability of the launcher and required accuracy of control. Regulation on angles of attack and slip for decreasing the aerodynamic loads on the launcher body and for decreasing the range of the turn angles of control organs necessary for controllability of the first stage. Estimation of the angles of attack and slip from the information from gyro-integrators mounted on a gyro-stabilized platform (or from the accelerometers mounted on the launcher body). Pre-launch modeling of the launcher motion in view of the results of a wind probing with the aim to decrease the probability of an unjustified cancellation of a launch to which an expensive preparation preceded.
Keywords: angles of attack and slip, gyro-integrator, gyro-stabilized platform
1. Solodovnikov V. V. (Ed.) The Essentials of Automatic Control, 1117 p. (Mashgiz, Moscow, 1954) [in Russian].