Journal Summary

“Space Science and Technology” is the journal of the scientific and applied space research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine). The Journal publishes original and review scientific papers in all the multidisciplinary research fields of space activity. The Journal was established in 1995 by the Resolution № 307 of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine on December 28, 1994. The State Space Agency of Ukraine was the co-founder of the Journal till the end of 2018.

The Journal is intended for professionals in space science and technology as well as to those who uses space technologies for various applications. It will be useful also for the readers who want to get acquainted with the achievements of space-rocket industry and space science of Ukraine. The Journal became a worthy successor of the previous specialized journals, which were established by the NAS of Ukraine, such as the “Space Research in Ukraine” (1973-1984) and the “Space Science and Technique” (1986-1992).

Thematic of the Journal is as follows: space-rocket complexes, spacecraft design and manufacture, scientific payload of spacecraft, control systems, dynamics, and energetics of space vehicles and spacecraft; study of the Earth from space; space physics and astronomy, space biology and medicine, space material science, space communications and satellite navigation, monitoring of space debris, social sciences in space exploration (management, legal, education, philosophical aspects), and history of space research.

Table 1. The summarized general statistics of issues of the “Space Science and Technology” journal
  Number of issues Number of articles Number of authors
Journal + Supplements 127 +19 2002 (1868 papers with DOI) 2673

Statistical Results

Figure 1. Distribution of 2002 publications in the “Space Science and Technology” journal by years

Figure 2. Distribution of 2002 publications in the “Space Science and Technology” journal by the language of publications

Figure 3. Publication activity of the Ukrainian and foreign authors

Figure 4. Distribution of 2002 publications by Journal’s headings: (1) — Astronomy and Astrophysics; (2) — History of Space Research; (3) —Social Sciences in Space Exploration; (4) —Space and Atmospheric Physics; (5) —Space Energy, Power and Propulsion; (6) — Space Environment Monitoring and Space Debris; (7) —Space Geoinformatics and Geodesy; (8) –Space Instruments; (9) — Space Life Sciences; (10) — Space Materials and Technologies; (11) —Space Navigation and Communications; (12) —Space-Rocket Complexes; (13) — Spacecraft Dynamics and Control; (14) — Spacecraft and Payloads; (15) — Study of the Earth from Space
Fig. 5. Distribution of foreign authors by countries Fig. 6. Distribution of articles with participation of foreign authors