Scientific space projects in Ukraine

1Yatskiv, Ya.S
1Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2002, 8 ;(1):003-006
Publication Language: Ukrainian
The paper deals with the scientific space projects of Ukraine, which are being implemented or are planned for the coming years. These projects, which are Ukraine's contributions to the world scarcity of knowledge about man, its environment, including the near-Earth space, as well as objects of the outer space (the Universe), are carried out within the framework of large space programs such as the creation and operation of the International Space Station ( ISS); preparation and conducting of space experiments of the series "KORONAS" and "Interball" in order to study the fluctuations of the Sun, solar activity and solar-terrestrial connections; Preparation of space projects of the "Spectrum" series for the purpose of studying the Universe in different ranges of wavelengths of radiation. In addition to participating in these international projects, Ukraine conducts at the national level or on the basis of bilateral cooperation with other countries: such research as the problems of remote sensing of the Earth (projects "Ocean-O", "Sich-1M"); the study of the ionosphere and the search for lthospheric-ionospheric bonds (projects "Warning", "Option").
Keywords: space projects
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