Accuracy Analysis of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems

1Kortunov, VI, 1Dybska, IYu., 1Proskura, GA, 2Trachsel, T
1National Aerospace University 'Kharkiv Aviation Institute', Kharkiv, Ukraine
2Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2007, 13 ;(4):040-048
Publication Language: English
This paper discusses correction methods of INS/GPS systems. Different schemes are considered: open loop correction scheme, scheme with estimated instrumental errors feedback, scheme with state space feedback and scheme with navigation parameter errors feedback INS correction is considered as the process of control on the base of combined method. Nonlinear equations of INS angular errors in quaternion form are obtained. Nonlinear and linear equations of navigation and orientation parameters errors are presented. Observability and detectability of linear equations of INS errors at different component combination of error vector are evaluated. Precision analysis of instrumental errors compensation is carried out. The results of testing INS/GPS systems on laboratory bench and car are presented.
Keywords: correction, navigation parameter, process of control
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