Biodiversity estimation technique using medium spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery

1Stankevich, SA, 2Kozlova, AO
1State institution «Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine
2State institution «Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth Institute of Geological Science National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2007, 13 ;(4):025-039
Publication Language: Ukrainian
We propose a technique for terrain biodiversity estimation which is based on medium spatial resolution hyperspectral satellite imagery. The technique makes allowances for ecological factor influence on biodiversity spatial distribution. Our results of biodiversity estimation for the Crimean peninsula south-west part by fuzzy-logic model is presented.
Keywords: biodiversity, ecological factor, satellite imagery
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