Effects of clinorotation on wheat's resistance to viral infection

1Mischenko, LT, 1Ostapchenko, LI, 1Filenko, OM
1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2005, 11 ;(1-2):087-092
Publication Language: Ukrainian
The effects of vertical and horizontal clinorolation on the Apogee wheal's resistance lo viral infection a studied at a container velocity of rotation of 2 rpm and a platform velocity of rotation of І фін. Рог the first time, it became possible to oblain the Apogee wheat's yield of grain under simulated microgravily conditions for holh, nonin-fected and infected with the wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) wheat plants. Evidently, the process of plant adaptation to stress agents involves certain mechanisms, like PR-protection synthesis ot some, other. For the first lime, the character of viral infection dynamics with prolonged clinorolation is elucidated and the presence of the WSMV in wheal plants on the 18 day after inoculation is detected using Ihc procedure of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Vertical clinorolation proved the least suitable experimental variant for viral reproduction. Increase in total nitrogen conienl .n spikes, which occurred in this variant, gives grounds to suggest a possibility of interferon-like protein synthesis in plants similar to that of interferon system in animals.
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