Morphologic structure and possible sources of the AGW generation in ionosphere

1Skorokhod, ТV
1Ariel University, Israel
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2011, 17 ;(2):61-67
Publication Language: Russian
Acoustic-gravity waves (AGW) in the thermosphere are investigated on the basis of observation data from the Dynamics Explorer 2 satellite. It is shown that the planetary AGW distribution consists of regular and sporadic components. A catalogue of AGW waveforms is compiled. Possible surface sources of the AGW generation, namely, tropical cyclones, rocket launchings and earthquakes are investigated. Our sta­tistical analysis reveals no correlation between the AGW gen­eration and tropical cyclones as well as rocket launchings, but it shows some possible relation between the AGW generation and earthquakes.
Keywords: acoustic-gravity waves, regular and sporadic components, sources generation
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