The numerical decision of the connected problem of dynamics and aerodynamics of wind turbine rotor

1Redchits, D, 1Prykhodko, A
1Oles Honchar National University of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2005, 11 ;(Supplement1):027-035
Publication Language: Russian
For the decision of the connected problem of dynamics and aerodynamics of horizontal- and vertical- axial wind turbine an approximate engineering method and numerical algorithm have been developed on the basis of Navier-Stokes equations. The algorithms of the decision of non-stationary Navier-Stokes equations of an incompressible liquid in curvilinear coordinates have been realized on the basis of explicit, implicit, implicit with LU-factorization and finite-volume schemes. Testing of numerical algorithms of the decision of Navier-Stokes equations of incompressible liquid in curvilinear system of coordinates on the tasks about development of current in a square, cubic cavity and streamline of sphere has been carried out. The results of the decision of the connected problem of dynamics and aerodynamics of a wind turbine rotor have been analyzed.

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