Methods of manufacturing the products from composite materials

1Masley, VN, 1Kulyk, AS
1Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Space Science and Technology 2017, 23 ;(5):44-48
Section: Space Materials and Technologies
Publication Language: Russian
We review methods of manufacturing the products from composite materials, which are using for making the dimensionally stable structures for space industry. Namely, we focus our analysis on the three main methods. The first of them, the analytical design method, allows approximate calculating the required physical-mechanical characteristics of products at the design stage without application of a special software. The second method, we consider, gives integral material's characteristics. The third method is based on the ANSYS software and allows calculating the composite material's characteristics depending on the composite material layup schedule. Physics-mechanical parameters that are determined by means of this method may be used as the initial data for a structure analysis with the use of both the analytical design method and the special software, for example, Composite PrepPost. It is an  ANSYS module and allows us to manufacture products made of composite materials while modelling a design process as a whole.  
Keywords: ASNYS method, composite materials, Composite PrepPost software, space industry
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