Scientific technological module of plasma injection for microsatellite

1Sorokin, AF, 1Tsyukh, AM, 1Nesteruk, VN, 2Vlasenko, VP, 1Zaluzhnyj, RN, 3Sorokin, AA, 4Zakharova, MY, 5Arsentiev, IN, 5Tarasov, IS
1National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Yevpatoria, AR Crimea, Ukraine
2National Center of Space Facilities Control and Test, Kyiv, Ukraine
3V.I. Vernadsky Taurian National University, Simferopol, Ukraine
4Scientific Production Enterprise ST «TIAMAS» (Russia-Ukraine), Yevpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine
5Ioffe Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2006, 12 ;(2-3):008-011
Publication Language: Russian
The possibility to accommodate aboard a microsatellite a multifunctional module consisting of a plasma injector and heterolaser is considered. It is shown that a module of this kind allows one not only to make orbit correction and microsatellite orientation but also may be used in active space experiments.
Keywords: heterolaser, microsatellite, plasma injector
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