Digital pulse processor for spectrometry of charged particles, neutrons, x-ray, and gamma-ray

1Arkhangelsky, AI, 1Kotov, Yu.D, 2Chistiakov, PYu.
1National Research Nuclear University «MEPhI», Moscow, Russia
2Ltd. SKINER, Moscow, Russia
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2003, 9 ;(5-6):060-064
Publication Language: Russian
A high performance digital pulse processor is developed for spaceflight applications. A fully digital method for acquisition of spectra of charged particles, neutrons, and gamma-ray in a wide energy range was developed and tested. A fast 40 MHz digitizer is used to digitize pulses from scintillation and semiconductor detectors with decay times in a range of 250 to 10000 ns to 12-bit resolution on 25 ns intervals. Digital filtering, pulse searching and pulse shape discrimination algorithms are used to identify pulses, detect for pileup and pulse saturation. The pulse processor measures pulse height, pulse area, and the required timing information (e. g. multi detector coincidence). A pulse shape distribution is generated, corresponding to a conventional multichannel analyzer spectrum. Thanks to parallel digital architecture of the device, the interface is ISA-8 bus compatible. The fast real time pulse-processing algorithm will allow wide use of the technique described in high performance spectroscopy.
Keywords: analyzer spectrum, pulse processor, pulse-processing algorithm
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