Supermaneuverable vehicle

1Dorozhko, АI, 1Degtyarenko, PG, 1Makarov, AL, 1Sydoruk, VO, 1Ventskovsky, ОM
1Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Dnipro, Ukraine
Space Sci. & Technol. 2019, 25 ;(5):11-17
Publication Language: Russian
At present, one of the global trends of vehicle development is the creation of a supermaneuverable vehicle. During the works carried out in this direction Yuzhnoye SDO specialists have developed, manufactured, tested, and patented a new design wheel with increased carrying capacity and two degrees-of-freedom of rolling motion. A supermaneuverable vehicle with three degrees-of-freedom of rolling motion is developed, tested, and patented based on the new design wheel.
          The motion is controlled by an electronic control system using motor-wheels stationary oriented to the vehicle. The absence of a mechanical steering control significantly simplifies the design of the undercarriage. The specific carrying capacity of the vehicle is 1/10. The presence of driven wheels allows you to provide the required carrying capacity. The obtained technical characteristics allow creating a multifunctional and supermaneuverable vehicle that can be widely
used in various branches of industry.
Keywords: carrying capacity, motor-wheel, supermaneuverability, undercarriage
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