"Mission - Cosmos". In Memory of Leonid Kadenyuk – the First Cosmonaut of Ukraine

Space Sci.&Technol. 2018, 24 ;(1):76-85
Publication Language: Ukrainian
The article is dedicated to the memory of Leonid Kadenyuk (1951-2018), the first cosmonaut of Ukraine, the Hero of Ukraine. Recollections about collaborative Ukrainian-American experiments on space biology, which were conducted by L.K.Kadenyuk during the NASA STS-87 space mission, are presented by Prof. E.L. Kordyum and N.I.Adamchuk-Chala. Besides, the speeches of L.K. Kadenyuk and E.I.Kuznetsov, which were declaimed at the joint meeting of the Space Research Council of the NAS of Ukraine and the Space-Technical Council of the SSA of Ukraine on December 5, 2017, introduce the stages of preparation for the flight, the flight itself, and the events of the post-flight life of LK. Kadenyuk. He has written several books, the last of them was "Leonid Kadenyuk. Massion - Cosmos" (Kyiv, Novyj druk, 516 p., 2017). 
     The article is prepared by the Editorial Board Members.
Keywords: cosmonautics: prominent personalities: Leonid Kadenyuk, NASA STS-87 space mission, space biology
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