Public joint stock company «JSC Scientific research institute of radio engineering measurements», the leading Ukrainian enterprise in the field of space radio-electronic instrument making

1Vereshchak, AP, 1Danilin, AB, 1Zaichenko, AN, 1Malafeev, EE
1Public Joint Stock Company «Research Institute of Radio Measurements», Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2014, 20 ;(6):27–34
Publication Language: Russian

The history of the Public Joint Stock Company «JSC Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering Measurements» foundation is described. We consider the results of creation of on-board radio-electronic spacecraft maintenance subsystems and on-board spacecraft payload subsystems at the JSC SRIREM. We present key technical characteristics of ground-based and on-board equipment within the combined command and telemetry radio lines (TT&C) which were developed by the JSC SRIREM company. A short overview of the key technical characteristics of receiving stations obtaining data from remote Earth sensing satellites which were developed by the JSC SRIREM company is given

Keywords: remote sensing satellites, space radio-electronic instruments