Ionospheric disturbances before the great earthquakes in Haiti (М = 7.2) and Japan (М = 9.0) from data of satellite radionavigation systems

1Khizhniak, VV, 2Dedenok, VP, 2Tkachenko, АO
1Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
2I. Kozhedub Kharkiv Air Force University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2012, 18 ;(6):35–42
Publication Language: Russian
Using estimates for ionospheric delays of radio navigation signals from a network of IGS stations, we analysed ionospheric variations over the epicenters of two great earthquakes: in Haiti in January 2010 (М = 7.2) and in Japan in March 2011 (М = = 9.0). Some characteristic features, which were common for both earthquakes, were revealed for changes in the local ionosphere region state over the epicenters of the earthquakes
Keywords: delays of radio navigation sig¬nals, earthquakes, ionospheric variations
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