Peculiarities of determination of high-altitude relations for ionospheric plasma parameters in incoherent radiowaves scatter

1Mazmanishvili, AS, 2Puliaiev, VA, 1Rogozkin, EV
1National Technical University 'Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute ", Kharkiv, Ukraine
2Institute of Ionosphere of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2004, 10 ;(2-3):036-044
Publication Language: Russian
The procedures for the solution of return problem of electrodynamics which are related to study of structure and dynamics of ionospheric plasma are presented. The regularization method of the return problem solution in experiments on incoherent scatter in the ionosphere is offered. The correlation functional determined on the complex-value normal Markov process is considered. Some analytical expressions describing statistical properties of such functional are derived. An example of the use of the retrieved distribution densities for increase of ionospheric measurement reliability in the incoherent scatter method is given.
Keywords: incoherent scatter, ionospheric plasma, return problem
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