Electron beam injection quasilateral to the geomagnetic field from the data of Intercosmos-25 satellite: APEX project

1Baranets, NV, 1Ruzhin, Yu.Ya., 2Afonin, VV, 2Afonin, VV, 1Oraevsky, VN, 1Pulinets, SA, 1Dokoukin, VS, 1Mikhailov, Yu.M, 1Sobolev, Ya.P, 1Zhuzgov, LN, 1Prutensky, IS
1Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Propagation of Radio Waves of the Russian AS, Troitsk, Russia
2Space Research Institute of the Russian AS, Moscow, Russia
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2000, 6 ;(5):49-62
Publication Language: Russian
We investigate the beam-plasma instability effects arising on the injection of charged particle beams and neutral xenon into the ionospheric plasma. Special consideration is given to the injection of the an unmodulated electron beam (dc) with the current Ibe ≈ 0.1 А and the energy εЬе= mv2/2 ≈ 10 KeV into a background plasma. Complex analysis of this problem is carried out with a special data processing which can be determined as the closest approach to the laboratory style of experiment.
Keywords: APEX project, background plasma, beam-plasma instability effects
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