State of and prospects for the space research in the field of Earth science in the USA

1Lyalko, VI
1State institution «Scientific Centre for Aerospace Research of the Earth of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Kyiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 2000, 6 ;(1):86–99
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Ane analytical review of the state and tendency for advance of aerospace research of the Earth (ARE) in the USA in the last decade is presented. The USA considers the ARE as one of prime directions in the modern space science evolution of which is provided in the framework of the international and national cooperations that reduces the cost of these investigations substantially at the national level. The ARE systems operating at present and scheduled for the launch are overviewed, as well as the programs, instruments, and the ARE scientific centers. The leading part of the private sector is demonstrated, and potential co-operative investigations of Ukraine and the USA in this direction are discussed.
Keywords: aerospace research of the Earth (ARE), international and national cooperations, USA
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