Energetics of the processes occurring on the Earth, in the atmosphere and near-earth space in connection with the project "Early warning"

1Chernogor, LF
1V.N. Karazin National University of Kharkiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Kosm. nauka tehnol. 1999, 5 ;(1):38–47
Publication Language: Russian
In connection with the project "Early Warning", the energetics of the processes taking place on the Sun, in the Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere, atmosphere, and on the Earth is examined. We estimate the energy (power) of the fundamental processes and principal phenomena which can prevent the precursors of earthquakes in the near-Earth space from being detected. Although the energetics of earthquake precursors is usually much lower than that of the geophysical background noise, the former is high enough, and this can be employed to formulate and solve the problem for detecting precursors by observing variations in the parameters of the near-Earth space. Problems arising while detecting precursors in variations of ionospheric parameters and in magnetospheric processes are described.
Keywords: earthquakes precursors, near-Earth space parameters, project
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