Ultra relativistic explosion in moving media as a model of superluminal radio jets

1Pasyuga, VN
1Research and Technological Institute of Transcription, Translation and Replication, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Косм. наука технол. 2001, 7 ;(Suppl. 2):096-100
Мова публікації: англійська
Super-luminal components of radiojets are identified with luminous segments of ultrarelativistic shock fronts (further SF), moving to the observer, in particular, they can be a vicinity of their leading point. The cases of a local hydrostatic equilibrium, accretion and wind flows of a nonperturbed medium in a field of central object («a black hole»?) are investigated. In the case of the noncentral explosion in a medium, being in a state of a local hydrostatic equilibrium [4], the apparent superluminal velocity (further βapp) of a leading point movement of a shock front (further SF) is asymptotically constant and proportional to a total energy of explosion, according to observational data [2]. In cases of accretion and wind flows the dependences βapp on the distance from a leading point to the nucleus are obtained. In the case of explosion with an energy pumping from a central source we manage to identify the observable times of acceleration of radiojets components with the duration of energy pumping from flares correlating with components [5] according to data [8]. The movement influence of a nonperturbed medium upon the shift of superluminal radiocomponents in a picture plane is discussed.